Adding Developers

SaaS On-premises 2.0
These are the steps to add a new developer account for access to your API.

If you have configured the workflow to invite developers manually, this covers how to add new developers.

Step 1: Create the new developer account

On the Accounts page of your Admin Portal, create the new account. As an admin, you can skip even some of the required fields. If you want to invite users to the account securely, you can also skip the password fields. However the email on this main admin account must be unique among all users.

Create new developer account

Step 2: Set up applications

If you want to pre-configure app keys for the account, you can also add an application on behalf of the developer. Otherwise, leave this as one of the initial steps for the developer to take.

Add applications to new account

Step 3: Notify the developer

You can either send an email invitation to the developer manually or follow the steps to use the invite developer feature.