Ogone Integration

These are the steps to set up the Ogone gateway in order to to charge for use of your API.

Step 1: Get your API keys from Ogone

You’ll need to open an account with Ogone. You need a premium Ogone ecommerce account – the Horizon activated with Alias Manager option. It’s a paid option, which can be activated by Ogone or by Merchant through backoffice > options > your options.

The PSPID is used to log into your Ogone account. Then you can find the UserID under Configuration > Users.

Billing Ogone ids

Make sure that the technical settings of your Ogone account are active. On the Transaction Feedback page, you’ll find the SHA-OUT passphrase. On this page you should also ensure that the two settings have checkboxes marked as shown:

Billing Ogone SHA-out

Finally the SHA-IN passphrase is found on the Date and origin verification page:

Billing Ogone SHA-in

Step 2: Configure your settings in 3scale

You need to tell 3scale to start using these API keys. To do this, log in to your 3scale Admin Portal and go to Settings > Billing.


If the Charging Enabled flag is not active, enable it and click Save.

Billing charging enabled

You should see a drop-down called Gateway near the bottom of the page. Change it to Ogone.

Billing Gateway

The form below the drop-down should change to show two fields. Insert your Ogone API keys and click Save.

Ogone billing gateway

You might see a couple of alerts when you change your payment gateway. This is expected. Read and accept them if they appear.

The payment gateway is now set up, but your users might not be able to use it yet since it’s not configured in the CMS. Go to the Developer Portal page and click on the template called Payment Gateway / Show on the left navigation pane.

Developer Portal - Billing

If it's not there already, add the following code before {% when "braintree_blue" %}:

{% when "ogone" %}
  {% if current_account.has_billing_address? %}
    {% if current_account.credit_card_stored? %}
      {% ogone_form "Edit Credit Card Details" %}
    {% else %}
      {% ogone_form "Add Credit Card Details" %}
    {% endif %}
  {% else %}
    <p><a href="{{ current_account.edit_ogone_billing_address_url }}">First add a billing address</a></p>
  {% endif %}

Finally click Save and Publish. Your users should now be able to pay using the Ogone gateway.


In order to map your data from Ogone with your data on 3scale, you can use the Ogone field called alias which is composed of 3scale-[PROVIDER_ID]-[DEVELOPER_ACCOUNT_ID]


In case something is not working, you can try checking the following tips:

  • An overview of all payment methods that work with the alias manager can be found in this document: Payment methods processing/procedure overview.
  • In the Ogone admin console go to Technical information -> Transaction feedback. Scroll to Directlink/Dynamic Parameters and select all parameters. This will allow you to troubleshoot the error easier (as the error message will be included in the invoice).
  • Try to change your ogone password and update this setting in the 3scale console
  • Verify if your user was created in your Ogone account with the checkbox "Special user for API (no access to the admin)" checked. You can also search the Ogone Support FAQ for "API user" for the details.
  • Make sure that you are entering in 3scale the password of the "API user", and not the password of Ogone PSPID-account
  • In case you are using the sandbox mode in Ogone and encounter any errors, change it to production.