Code Libraries

SaaS On-premises 2.0

3scale plugins allow you to connect to the 3scale architecture in a variety of core programming languages. Plugins can be deployed anywhere to act as control agents for your API traffic. Download the latest version of the plugin and gems for the programming language of your choice along with their corresponding documentation below.

You can also find us on GitHub. For other technical details, refer to the technical overview.

If you’re using a framework that isn’t currently supported, let us know by emailing We might be able to point you to a work in progress.


Download the code here.

Standard distutils installation – unpack the file and from the new directory run:

sudo python install

Or you can put in the same directory as your program. See the README for some usage examples.

Ruby gem

You can download from GitHub or install it directly using:

gem install 3scale_client


Download the code bundle here.

It requires:

  • » LWP::UserAgent (installed by default on most systems)
  • » XML::Parser (now standard in perl >= 5.6)

Run this to install into the default library location:

perl Makefile.PL && make install

Run this for further install options:

make help


Download the code here and drop into your code directory – see the README in the bundle.


Download the JAR bundle here.

Just unpack it into a directory and then run the maven build.


Download the code here, and see the bundled README.txt for instructions.


Download the code here,or install it through the package manager npm:

npm install 3scale