SSO For Developer Portal

SaaS On-premises 2.0
Single sign-on (SSO) allows you to manage access control of multiple independent systems. By following this guide, you'll be able to allow users that are logged in to your system to log in automatically to your 3scale-powered Developer Portal without being prompted to log in again.

This article shows how existing user credentials of your website can be used to automatically log in to your 3scale-powered Developer Portal.

This feature is meant for API providers that already own the identity of their API consumers (username and password) – such as when the API provider is also the identity provider.

Step 1: Create your users in the 3scale platform

First of all, the API consumer must have an account in your Developer portal. You can import your users to 3scale using the Account Management API or create them manually.

Step 2: Request a login link

Once the user exists, you can use an API request call to generate a URL with a built-in SSO token:

curl -X POST -d "provider_key=YOUR_PROVIDER_KEY&username=USERNAME&expires_in=60"

There are 2 parameters in this call: username to specify who you are requesting the token for and expires_in which is the number of seconds that the token will be valid for (it defaults to 10 minutes). You can also pass an additional parameter redirect_url with a location to redirect the user after a successful login. This parameter should be percent encoded. The XML response will contain a URL with a secret token included:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

NOTE: You can pass either user_id or username to identify the 3scale user. Typically, the username will be the same for your system and 3scale portal. In that case, using the username should be easy since it does not require any additional information to be stored on your side. However, if you need to do some pairing and machine processes to the URLs anyway, you might be better off with user_id.

Step 3: Redirect user with automatic login

The response contains an SSO login URL with a token:


The URL contains all the required information for the 3scale Developer Portal SSO to log you in. You can embed it directly into web. However bear in mind that the URL can expire before the user clicks it, so it's recommended to have a generic link on your page that will dynamically request a fresh SSO URL and redirect to it. This way, the user will be seamlessly logged in to your 3scale-powered Developer Portal.


The URL needs to be unescaped. If you want to try it by hand in a browser or cut and paste, remember to replace the "&amp;" for "&" in your browser. Also any "%" encodings in the token need to be replaced by their unescaped character.