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October 05, 2012 14:17

3scale Admin

You have set up your Active Docs page for your API and the page returns Server is not valid.

That message means that the URL that you set in the basePath of your API spec resolves to a private IP and our server cannot reach it, i.e. do not try localhost or as a value for it!

If your API runs on an Amazon instance fine, but you still get this message, the problem is that our activedocs server also runs on an Amazon instance. And resolving your URL from inside amazon returns an Amazon internal IP which then our server cannot reach.

Check to what your API’s URL resolves from inside an Amazon instance, e.g. if the outcome looks like this:

server-on-amazon-instance $ dig ... 111 IN CNAME 60 IN A ...

as you see here, internally it resolves to the private IP and also that your DNS setup is using a CNAME record.

Solve this by changing your DNS setup from a CNAME record to an A record pointing to the public IP the dig is giving you back ( in the example above).

You can also use a load balancer or Elastic IP address from Amazon to make your URL resolve to a public one from inside Amazon. You should be able to find information in the net on how to achieve this.

Joaquin Rivera Padron

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